Grooved Single Disc Door Swing Type Check Valve


  • Size:DN15-DN200

  • Pressure: PN10/16

  • Standard: BS5153,BS 4504 PN6/PN10/PN16


  • Body : Ductile iron/Cast iron

  • Seal : Ductile iron+EPDM/NBR

  • Stem:WCB/SS410


  • Medium: Water

  • Temperature: 0 to 80℃

  •  Low Pressure One Way Non Ruturn Check Valve

Detail / Feature / Application

Detail / Feature / Application

  • The grooved check valve adopts the top-loading structure, which reduces the connecting bolts of the valve body itself under the condition of high pressure and large diameter, which enhances the reliability of the valve and can overcome the influence of the weight of the system on the normal operation of the valve.

  • Scope of application: Grooved check valves are widely used in coal chemical, petrochemical; rubber, paper, pharmaceutical and other pipelines as media splitting and confluence or flow direction switching devices.

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