Gate Valve

Reliable, tight shutoff and low-pressure drop operation characterize the KXC Valve range of gate valves. Flexible wedge, split wedge, slab gate and double-disk configurations cover a range of requirements to meet any user need, from general service to severe conditions with gross thermal transients or dual-phase fluids. Plant personnel are kept safe through the application of fast-acting valves manufactured to ASME Section III and RCC-M design codes.

Gate Valve

Gate valves are multi-purpose bi-directional shutoff valves for commercial and industrial applications. To make your selection easier, KXC Valve offers specification and submittal assistance. Get the assurance of the KXC Valve warranty, along with superior customer service expertise. Spec a job, get catalogs and submittals, place and track your order.

◆ Dezincification-resistant bronze

◆ Cast iron, ductile iron

◆ Threaded, solder, or flanged

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