Swing Double Disc Check Valve


The swing flex check is designed to be maintenance-free and has superior performance compared with traditional swing check valves. The disc is the only moving part of the valve, and it can be easily replaced without removing the valve from the pipeline. Its unrestricted full flow design makes swing flex check an excellent choice for slurries and sludges, even in vertical upward flow applications. The non-impact performance is ensured by placing the valve seat at a 45° angle, thereby minimizing the disc stroke. When used with the optional rubber lining, our swing flex check is ideal for high-wear and corrosive applications. Independent process, cycle and performance test report certification can be provided upon request.

The cover-mounted Disc Position Indicator clearly indicates the valve's disc position. A proximity limit switch can also be provided to indicate open/closed position to a remote location.A Backflow Actuator is available for use when manual backflow operation is required. Common applications are for priming pumps, back flushing, draining lines, and system testing.

swing flex check valve Specifications

  • Size:DN1000-DN15000

  • Pressure: PN10/16

  • Standard: DIN 2501 PN6/10/16


swing flex check valve Materials

  • Body :Cast iron,Ductile iron

  • Seal : Cast iron,Ductile iron+Brass/Ductile +NBR

  • Stem : Brass,SS


swing flex check valve Characteristic

  • Medium: Water, Waste Water, Oil

  • Temperature: -20 to 120℃

Detail / Feature / Application

Detail / Feature / Application

swing flex check valve Feature

  • The valve flow is streamlined,low resistance 

  • The open-close part is control by medium itself to prevent backflow. 

  • Seal the pair of pairs of advanced and reasonable,  wear, high temperature, corrosion resistance, anti-scratch ability, long service life. 

  • Products can be used in a variety of piping flange and flange standard and flange seal type, to meet a variety of engineering needs and user requirements. 

  • Valve body variety, gasket can be based on actual conditions or user requirements reasonable matching, can be applied to a variety of pressure, temperature and medium conditions.

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