Features and Advantages of KXC Soft Seal Gate Valve

Aug. 10, 2020

KXC soft sealing gate valve adopts a wedge-shaped rolling plate structure, and the gate adopts high-quality rubber for inner and outer rubber, and the deformation compensation effect of the gate rubber is used to achieve a good sealing effect.The valve adopts a non-toxic epoxy resin coating as a functional anti-corrosion. The valve is opened and closed by using the rotating valve stem to drive the upper and lower strokes of the gate through the copper nut. The soft seal gate valve has the characteristics of zero leakage, not easy to accumulate slag, corrosion resistance, good interoperability, small fluid resistance and unlimited medium flow, small torque required for opening and closing, and long service life. It is widely used in water supply, construction, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, textile, electric power, heating ships, and metallurgical industries.

KXC soft-seal gate valve strictly installs national industry standards in the procurement, manufacturing and processing of raw materials. All types of valves have uniform sealing, excellent quality, high durability, strong environmental adaptability, beautiful appearance, moderate operating resistance, and are especially suitable for various types High, medium and low pressure liquid and gas transportation and transmission.

KXC has been equipped with advanced production and inspection equipment in the development and production of valves and valve molds for more than ten years. It has professional core technology and has repeatedly obtained national patent certification, ISO9001 quality system certification, and GB/T12232-1989 standard certification. With excellent product quality and service system, it has won praise from users.

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