Angle Globe Valve OS Y Type Rising Stem Bolted Bonnet Construction

Feb. 17, 2022

The angle globe valve have another name is angle stop valve, OS & Y Type, Rising Stem, Bolted Bonnet Design
The angle globe Valves from our company are outside screw, rising Stem, bolted bonnet construction, threads are away from the line fluid and easy to lubricate. The normal stop valve, the inlet, and outlet are on a straight line, but the inlet of the angle type globe valve and outlet of the angle type globe valve is perpendicular to each other, so the resistance coefficient of fluid for the angle globe valve is higher than conventional globe valves. So the angle-type globe valve can be used for vertical installation.

Angle Globe Valve OS Y Type Rising Stem Bolted Bonnet Construction


The angle globe valves are generally available with plug type disc and slap type disc, they also are the forging, so it is very strong, the disc can rotate around itself, so it no need with the stem rotate simultaneously, when the workers open and close the valve(Rotary the stem), This structure design ensures the disc is not easy to wear. which is designed to give leak-tight seating over a long period of in-built wear life. the seat ring of the globe valve is a replaceable type, the threaded seat ring has a large taper area that is for ample seating. Two nos. slots are provided on the seat ring of the body, which is for easy removal for servicing at the site. Welded type seat ring & Integral seat ring are also available in the globe valve. all of the stems are made from solid one-piece construction. they also are forging, the yoke bush of the globe valve has a long thread engagement for accurate stem alignment. The standard range of our company's globe valve in sizes of up to 12 (300mm)


Angle globe valve, OS & Y Type, Rising Stem, bolted bonnet construction

►Material of angle valve: Cast steel, cast iron, and stainless steel.

►Size of angle valve: 1/2inch(DN15) - 20 inch (DN500)

►The pressure of angle valve: 150LB(PN10)-1500LB(PN250)

►Connection type: Flange(FF,RF,FM,RTJ) BW,SW

►Kind of drive: Wrench, Gear, Electric actuators, and pneumatic actuators

►Operating temperature : -100℃ - 600℃

►Working medium: water, gas, oil, Sulfuric acid, and hydrochloric acid


Design standard as per: BS1873,ASME B16.34, GB/T 12235, DIN3356

Generally, a lift of the disc is just 1/4 of the valve seat port, ensuring a short opening and closing time.

Only one sealing face is designed on the valve body and valve disc,

For large size, valves will be designed with main disc and vice disc type, and medium flow from up disc to down disc.

Full stellite overlay seat sealing surface

Good for the manufacturing process and easy to maintain.

The valve is designed as a back seat sealing structure.

Use flexible and woven graphite collaboration type packing or PTFE packing(V type).


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