The difference between resilient seat butterfly valve and metal seat butterfly valve

Jan. 06, 2022

Butterfly valves have compact structure, simple design, good performance and easy maintenance.

They are one of the most popular industrial valves.

We usually have resilient seal butterfly valves or rubber lined butterfly valves. In this category, we have rubber lined butt butterfly valves, rubber lined butterfly valves, rubber lined U-shaped butterfly valves and rubber lined double flange butterfly valves.

The difference between resilient seat butterfly valve and metal seat butterfly valve


Since the resilient seat butterfly valve uses rubber lined body and seat, the sealing is excellent and there is always zero leakage.

However, compared with metal seal butterfly valve, it is not suitable for high temperature and easy to wear, resulting in shorter service life.

It is not suitable for high pressure media.

Metal sealed butterfly valves are usually designed with triple eccentricity, including butt-clamp triple eccentricity, lug triple eccentricity, flange triple eccentricity and butt-weld triple eccentricity.


Both sealing surfaces of the valve are metal materials or other hard materials with poor sealing performance, but have good mechanical properties, such as high temperature resistance and wear resistance.

Generally speaking, the two different butterfly valves with different seats have the following differences.

<1> Different structures

Resilient seat butterfly valve adopts centerline design, and metal seat butterfly valve adopts double or triple eccentric design.

<2> Different suitable temperature

We use resilient seal butterfly valves at room temperature and metal seal butterfly valves at low, normal and high temperatures.

<3> Different pressure

Resilient seal butterfly valve is suitable for low pressure and normal pressure, and metal seal butterfly valve is also suitable for medium and high pressure media.

<4> Different sealing performance

Resilient-seated butterfly valves and metal-seated butterfly valves have relatively good sealing performance. The latter can seal well at high pressure and high temperature.


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