What Is the Reason for the Inadequate Sealing of the Valve

Mar. 22, 2022

Where there is a pipeline, the valve is inseparable. The valve is installed on the pipe and manages the circulation of the fluid medium in the pipeline. It is an important control part. However, the valve is likewise a wearable component. A common valve loss in our life is that the valve is not tightly secured, leading to leakage.

What Is the Reason for the Inadequate Sealing of the Valve

So what is the reason for the poor sealing of the valve?

The leak at the packing of the valve is a part of the valve that is prone to leak failings. The valve is not tightly sealed, and also the reasons are probably as follows.


1. Particular stress of sealing surface

The particular pressure of the sealing surface area affects the sealing efficiency of the valve and also the life span of the valve. As a result, the certain pressure of the sealing surface is also a really essential element. Under the very same problems, too high particular stress will certainly create valve damages, however, too low particular stress will cause valve leakage. Therefore, we need to completely consider the appropriateness of the specific pressure when making


2. Physical residential or commercial properties of the medium

The physical buildings of the medium likewise affect the valve sealing efficiency. These physical properties consist of temperature level, thickness, and also hydrophilicity of the surface area, to name a few. The temperature level change not only influences the slackness of the sealing pair as well as the change of the dimension of the parts but additionally has an inseparable connection with the thickness of the gas. Gas viscosity increases or decreases with boosting or reducing temperature. Consequently, in order to minimize the influence of temperature level on the sealing performance of the valve, when designing the sealing pair, we ought to make it as a valve with thermal settlement such as an elastic valve seat. Thickness is connected to the permeability of the liquid. When under the very same problems, the greater the viscosity, the reduced the leaks in the structure of the liquid. The hydrophilicity of the surface area indicates that when there is a movie on the metal surface area, the film must be gotten rid of. Due to this really thin oil movie, it will destroy the hydrophilicity of the surface, resulting in obstruction of liquid networks.


3. The quality of the sealing pair

The high quality of the sealing pair primarily means that we have to check the choice, matching as well as manufacturing accuracy of materials. For example, the valve disc fits well with the valve seat sealing surface area, which can boost the sealing performance. The attribute of several circumferential waviness is that its labyrinth sealing efficiency is good.


4. Sealing auxiliary framework

Under the change of temperature level or sealing force, the structure of the sealing pair will certainly transform. And also this change will impact as well as change the force in between the sealing pair, to make sure that the performance of the valve sealing is minimized. For that reason, when choosing a seal, make sure to choose a seal with flexible contortion. At the same time, pay attention to the size of the sealing surface area. The reason is that the get in touch with surface areas of the sealing pair can not be totally matched. When the size of the sealing surface area increases, the force required for sealing is boosted.

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