Resilient DI Seat Gate Valve


PN10 Gate Valve Specifications

  • Gate Valve Size: DN150-DN600

  • Gate Valve Pressure: PN10 Gate Valve/PN16 Gate Valve

  • Gate Valve Standard:  EN593, DIN 2501 PN6/10/16, DIN3202 F4


PN10 Gate Valve Materials

  • Body :Ductile Iron

  • Seal : Ductile Iron+EPDM

  • Stem : Stainless Steel 304


PN10 Gate Valve Characteristic

  • Medium: Water, Waste Water, Air, Oil

  • Temperature: -20 to 100℃

Detail / Feature / Application

Detail / Feature / Application

PN10 Gate Valve Application

  • The valves disc is rubber-packed to get excellent sealing effect by the rubber's resilient deformation.

  • Non-rising resilient seated gate valves solve the problem in general gate valves such as leakage, rusting etc. 

  • Low torque operation,Rubber encapsulated wedge,Fusion bonded epoxy coated inside and outside.

  • Application: Pipelines to convery oil and storage facilities, Water and wastewater technology, The wellhead device of the oil and gas expoitation, Water engineering.

  • Each product will be carried out appearance, material, air tightness, pressure and shell testing before leaving the factory ;unqualified products are resolutely not allowed to leave the factory.

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