Pipeline Filter Basket Filter


  • Size: DN15-DN400

  • Pressure: PN10/PN16

  • Standard: DIN2501 PN10/PN16, DIN2532,DIN2533


  • Body : Ductile Iron

  • Filter:SS304


  • Medium: Water, Steam, GasFilter apertureФ0.8-Ф3mm

  • Temperature: 0 to 200℃

Detail / Feature / Application

Detail / Feature / Application

  • Coolingwater treatment: Cooling tower, supplemental water system, air conditioning system, DC system water filtration,  reduce the generation of sediment in the heat exchanger, and maintain its cooling effect.
  • Raw water treatment can filter surface river water, lake water, sea water, reservoir water, well water and ground water to remove sand, bacteria, algae, organic matter, etc.

  • Industrial circulating water filtration is used in equipment that has certain requirements for water quality, such as cooling towers, rolling mills, continuous casting machines, polishing, water pumps, solenoid valves, ion exchangers, sprayers, hot water exchangers, etc. or water supply and drainage pipelines.

  • It can filter out impurities in the water to avoid blockage of pipelines, nozzles and other parts.

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