Electric Stainless Steel Gate Valve


  • Electric Gate Valve Size: DN40-DN1200

  • Electric Gate Valve Pressure: PN10/PN16

  • Electric Gate Valve Standard:  EN593, DIN 2501 PN6/10/16, DIN3202 F4


  • Electric Gate Valve Body : Stainless Steel

  • Electric Gate Valve Seal : 2Cr13stainless steel

  • Electric Gate Valve Stem : SS410

  • Electric Gate Valve Operate:Electric Actuator


  • Electric Gate Valve Medium: Nitric acid, acetic acid, water, oil, gas and some alkaline liquids.

  • Temperature: -20-425℃

Electric Gate Valve Detail / Feature / Application

Electric Gate Valve Detail / Feature / Application

  • Electric gate valve body is made of WCB material with delicate appearance. 

  • The internal part numerical control lathe machining, carries on the second processing, causes the appearance to be more beautiful.

  • The seat adopts Cr stainless steel and surfacing 507 molybdenum to increase the wear resistance of the seat.

  • Application: Pipelines to convery oil and storage facilities, Water and wastewater technology, The wellhead device of the oil and gas expoitation, Water engineering.

  • Each product will be carried out appearance, material, air tightness, pressure and shell testingbefore leaving the factory ;unqualified products are resolutely not allowed to leave the factory.

Structural characteristics of electric gate valve

1. The electric gate valve adopts pressure self-tightening seal or valve body and bonnet gasket seal structure, which is trustworthy! It is safe and reliable to use.

2. The Electric Gate Valve disc adopts a double gate with a universal top structure in the middle, which can automatically adjust the fit between the valve disc and the sealing surface of the valve seat to ensure the sealing of the valve. At the same time, this structure is convenient to maintain, save costs, and has better valve disc interchangeability.

3. The Electric Gate Valve sealing surface of valve disc and valve seat is made of cobalt-chromium-tungsten cemented carbide by plasma spray welding. The sealing surface has high hardness, abrasion resistance, abrasion resistance and long service life.

4. The Electric Gate Valve stem is made of nitriding steel with surface nitriding treatment, high hardness, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life.

5. The electric device of Electric Gate Valve is equipped with a torque control mechanism, an on-site operating mechanism, and a hand and electric switching mechanism. In addition to local operation, remote operation, PLC control, 4-20mA current input and output intelligent control, etc. can also be carried out.

6. The manual Electric Gate Valve is opened by the manual mechanism or the hand wheel upon impact. Reduce valve operating force. 

7. The Electric Gate Valve can be installed in any position of the pipeline, and the carbon steel or alloy steel valve can be selected according to the temperature of the medium and the medium.

8. When installing and debugging for the first time, the valve must be manually opened to about half of the position, so as to avoid damage to the valve or electrical equipment due to the reverse connection of the motor phase sequence.

Electric Gate Valve Structure introduction

What is an electric gate valve: Simply put, an electric valve is to use an electric actuator to control the valve, so as to realize the opening and closing of the valve. It can be divided into upper and lower parts, the upper part is the electric actuator, and the lower part is the valve. There are two types of electric valves: one is a quarter-turn electric valve: the quarter-turn electric actuator is used in conjunction with a quarter-turn valve to realize the internal rotation of the valve within 90 degrees to control the on-off of the pipeline fluid; the other is the straight-stroke electric valve: The straight-stroke electric actuator is used in conjunction with the straight-stroke valve to realize the up and down movement of the valve plate to control the flow of the pipeline. It is usually used in conjunction with equipment with a higher degree of automation, and the valve has the best horizontal installation and adjustment accuracy.

Main parts materials and main uses of electric gate valves

WCBWCB+D507MOD5772Crl3Flexible graphiteWater, oil, steam425
ZGlCr5MOZGlCr5M0+Stellite121Crl8Ni9+Stellite625Cr2M01VAFlexible graphiteWater, oil, steam550
ZGlCrl8Ni9TiCrlNi21Crl8Ni9+Stellite61Crl8Ni9TiPTFENitric acid, alkali200
ZG00Crl7Nil4M02316L+Stellite12316L+Stel1ite6316LPTFEUrea, methylammonium solution, phosphoric acid200

Functional requirements and precautions for electric gate valves

In addition to paying attention to the pipeline parameters, the electric gate valve should pay special attention to its environmental conditions. Since the electric device in the electric valve is an electromechanical device, its state is greatly affected by its environment. Under normal conditions, the environment of the electric valve is as follows:

Indoor installations or outdoor applications with protective methods; outdoor open-air installations, corroded by wind, sand, rain, sun, etc.; with flammable, explosive gas or dust environment; humid tropical and dry tropical area environment; pipeline medium temperature up to 480℃ The environment temperature is lower than -20℃; easy to be flooded or immersed in water; environment with radioactive material (nuclear power plant and radioactive material test device); environment on ship or dock (with salt spray, mold, humidity); Severe vibration occasions; occasions prone to fire;

According to engineering control requirements, for Electric Gate Valve, its control function is completed by electric devices. The purpose of applying electric valves is to complete non-manual electrical control or computer control of valve opening, closing and adjustment linkage. The current application of electric devices is not just for diligence and labor saving. Because the functions and quality of products from different manufacturers are quite different, the selection of electric devices and the selection of valves are equally important to the project.

Due to the continuous improvement of the industrial automation level, on the one hand, the application of Electric Gate Valve is increasing, and on the other hand, the control requirements for electric valves are getting higher and higher and more complicated. Therefore, the design of electric valves in electric control is always updated. With the improvement of science and technology Shanghai Wozhong valve and the popularization and application of computers, new and diverse electrical control methods will always appear. Regarding the overall control of the electric valve, attention should be paid to the selection of the control method of the electric valve. For example, depending on the needs of the project, whether to use a centralized control method or a single control method, whether to link with other equipment, sequence control or computer sequence control, etc., the control principles are different. The samples of valve electric device manufacturers only give standard electric control principles, so the application department should make technical clarifications with the electric device consumers to understand the technical requirements.

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