AWWA Knife Gate Valve


China 4 Inch Awwa Knife Gate Valve 

  • Size: 4" - 20"

  • Pressure: 150LB

  • Standard: ASME B16.5 150LB, API609, API598


China 4 Inch Awwa Knife Gate Valve 

  • Body: Ductile Iron+SS

  • Seal: SS304/SS316+EPDM

  • Stem: Stainless Steel 410


China 4 Inch Awwa Knife Gate Valve 

  • Medium: Water, Oil, Gas

  • Temperature: 0-80℃

Detail / Feature / Application

Detail / Feature / Application

Applications of China 4 Inch Awwa Knife Gate Valve 

  • Knife gate valve opening and closing part is the valve plate, the plate movement direction is perpendicular to the direction of the fluid. Knife gate valve can only be fully open and fully closed, can't be used for adjusted and the throttle.

  • The valve adopts bidirectional sealing design, and the installation direction and medium flow direction are not limited.

  • The inside and outside of the valve bodyadopt powder epoxy resin electrostatic coating, which can effectively prevent corrosion and rust caused by contact between valve body and medium, and can be used in sewage system.

  • For the installation of valves using in deep well and underground pipe, deep well connecting cap or lengthening rod mechanism can be provided according to customer requirements.

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