Extension Spindle Gate Valve


Extension Spindle Gate Valve

  • Extension Spindle Gate Valve Pressure: PN10/PN16

  • Extension Spindle Gate Valve Design Code:  EN593, API609

  • Extension Spindle Gate Valve Size Range:DN40-600, NPS 1.5"-24" 

  • Extension Spindle Gate Valve Face to Face: BS5163, DIN3202 F4, API609 

  • Extension Spindle Gate Valve End Flange: BS 4504 PN6/PN10/PN16, DIN2501 PN6/PN10/PN16, ISO 7005 PN6/PN10/PN16, JIS 5K/10K/16K,  ASME B16.1 125LB, ASME B16.1 150LB, AS 2129 Table D and E

  • Extension Spindle Gate Valve Test inspection: , BS10 Table D and E  EN 12266-1, API 598


  • Extension Spindle Gate Valve Body :Ductile Iron

  • Extension Spindle Gate Valve Seal : Ductile Iron+EPDM(Resilient Seated)

  • Extension Spindle Gate Valve Stem : Stainless Steel 304(extension spindle)


  • Extension Spindle Gate Valve Medium: Water, Waste Water, Air, Oil

  • Extension Spindle Gate Valve Temperature: -20 to 120℃

Resilient seat gate valve overview

Extension Spindle Gate Valve Detail / Feature / Application

Extension Spindle Gate Valve Detail / Feature / Application

  • extension spindle gate valve  made of speclal rubber elastlcly  full wrap-plece valve structure, and the general absence of gate  leakage or rust compared to other phenomena.

  • Overcome their  common seal bad, elastic fatigue, wear rubber aging and Sealing ruts and other defects、 Produced by ths elastic saeling full  compensation of small quantities of deformation to achieve a  good sealing effect. 

  • It can be widely used in water supply,  petrochemical, metallurgy, shipbuilding, food, pharmaceuticals  and energy systems and other fluid line is used as a regulator  and shut-off devices.

Actuation occurs when the Extension Spindle Gate Valve is buried and the actuation has to be done from the surface. For those cases special stem extensions, fixedor telescopic, are offered to fit with different national practices and standards. We can offer customised solutions for each country when requested Extension Spindle Gate Valve.

The role of the extension spindle gate valve

   Extension spindle gate valve is one of the most commonly used cut-off valves, mainly used to connect or cut off the medium in the pipeline; especially suitable for medium and large diameter pipelines. The valve stem of the Extension spindle gate valve gate valve drives the valve stem of the gate to move the gate up and down together. The transmission thread on the valve stem is outside the valve body. Therefore, the opening and closing of the gate can be intuitively judged according to the movement direction and position of the valve stem. position.

  The function of the resilient seat gate valve with extended rod

  Extension spindle resilient seat gate valve, with a maintenance-free and extended valve stem design, is buried at one time, avoiding the expensive cost of the valve well and the huge investment caused by multiple reconstructions of roads and valve replacement. It overcomes the phenomenon of poor sealing, water leakage and rust of general gate valves, and saves installation space more effectively.

       Extension spindle resilient seat gate valve are widely used as regulating and throttling devices on fluid pipelines such as tap water, sewage, construction, petroleum, chemical food, medicine, textile, power, shipbuilding, metallurgy, and energy systems.

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