BS5163 Cast Iron Pressure Groove End Gate Valve


BS5163 Flanged Gate Valve Specifications

  • Size: DN50-DN800

  • Pressure: PN1.0-1.6MPa

  • Standard:  BS5163, BS4504 PN10.PN16/EN 1092


BS5163 Flanged Gate Valve Materials

  • Body :Ductile Iron 

  • Seal : Ductile Iron+EPDM

  • Stem : 2cr13stainless steel


BS5163 Flanged Gate Valve Characteristic

  • Medium: Water, Waste Water, Air, Oil

  • Temperature: -20 to 100℃

Detail / Feature / Application

Detail / Feature / Application

BS5163 Flanged Gate Valve Application

  • Simple body, short structure length, good manufacturing technology, wide range of use.

  • The mounting direction is not controlled by the flow direction of the fluid medium, nor by the spatial position.

  • Unique structure, flexible operation, labor saving, convenient.

  • The valve body is made of precision casting, the precise geometry makes the north of the valve body not need any finishing, so as to ensure the tightness of the valve.

    Application: Pipelines to convery oil and storage facilities, Water and wastewater technology, The wellhead device of the oil and gas expoitation, Water engineering.

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