Pneumatic Wafer Butterfly Valve


  • Size: DN40-DN1200/1.5"-48"

  • Pressure: 5K/10K/150LB

  • Standard:  API 609, MSS SP-67,ANSI B16.1 CLASS125, BS4504 PN10/PN16


  • Body : CI/DI/WCB/CF3/ CF3M/CF8/ CF8M


  • Stem : 45#/410/ 2Cr13/Cr13/304/316stainless steel


  • Medium: Water, Oil, Gas and Steam

  • Temperature: -20-200℃

Detail / Feature / Application

Detail / Feature / Application

  • The valve body of this pneumatic wafer butterfly valve than normalis solid body, the same DN weight is heavier than others.

  • The head of pneumatic wafer butterfly valve adopts double-piston rack structure, precise meshing, high efficiency and constant output torque.

  • The cylinder body is an extruded aluminum alloy and hard anodized. The use of low-friction materials made of sliding bearings, to avoid direct contact between the metal, low friction coefficient, flexible rotation, long service life

  • Each product will be carried out test of appearance, material, air tightness, pressure and shell before leaving the factory ;unqualified products are resolutely not allowed to leave the factory.

Application of Pneumatic Wafer Butterfly Valve

The Pneumatic Wafer Butterfly Valve is widely application in chemical, petrochemical industries, Water and waste water technology, Pneumatic materials handling technology, Shipbuilding, Power generation industry, Food industry and etc..

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Pneumatic Wafer Butterfly Valve

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