Stainless Steel Wafer Butterfly Valve


  • Size: 2"~8"(DN50~DN200)

  • Pressure: PN10/PN16

  • Standard: DIN 2501 PN6/10/16, DIN3202 K1,API 609,ISO5211


  • Body: Stainless Steel 


  • Stem: SS416, SS304, SS316


  • Medium: Water, Oil, Gas

  • Temperature: Temperature: -20-300℃ (Different materials are suitable for different temperatures)

Detail / Feature / Application

Detail / Feature / Application

Advantages of Stainless Steel Wafer Butterfly Valve

  • The length of the short structure can save raw materials and installation space, and also effectively support the strength of the pipeline.

  • The stainless steel wafer butterfly valve block is the correct movement of the gate, extrusion fast, to ensure effective sealing valve.

  • Triangle support material of stainless steel wafer butterfly valve guarantees the required mechanical properties.

Application of Stainless Steel Wafer Butterfly Valve

The Stainless Steel Wafer Butterfly Valve is suitable for chemical and petrochemical industries, Water and waste water technology, Pneumatic materials handling technology, Shipbuilding, Power generation industry, and food industry.

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Stainless Steel Wafer Butterfly Valve

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