CF8 Stainless steel Swing non return valve


Swing Non Return Valve

● Size: DN50-DN300

● Pressure: PN10/16

● Standard: DIN 2501 PN6/10/16, EN1092,  DIN3356,  DIN3202


Materials of Swing Non Return Valve

● Body: Stainless steel/CF8/SS304

● Seal: Stainless steel+EPDM

● Bonnet: Stainless steel


Parameters of Swing Non Return Valve

● Medium: Water and neutral liquid

● Temperature: 0 - 80℃

Detail / Feature / Application

Detail / Feature / Application

KXC Swing Non Return Valve is Swing type bolted cover design structure. The one piece disc construction is securely fastened to the hinge by means of a lock nut & pin. The Disc is free to rotating type to avoid any other wear. The hinge pin offers excellent wear resistance property.Swing non return valve also can be supplied with titling disc design, dash pot arrangement and outside lever & weight design for use where control of the disc is desired. Swing Non Return Check Valve can be mounted on horizontl & vertical both line.

The swing check valve adopts the built-in rocker swing structure. All the opening and closing parts of the valve are installed inside the valve body and do not penetrate the valve body. Except for the sealing gasket and sealing ring used at the middle flange, there are no external leakage points as a whole, so as to eliminate the possibility of valve leakage. The connection between rocker arm and disc of swing check valve adopts spherical connection structure, so that the disc has a certain degree of freedom within 360 degrees and appropriate micro position compensation. It is suitable for clean media, not for media containing solid particles and high viscosity.

  • Applications of Swing Non Return Valve

  • An economic all stainless steel swing type check valves with PTFE seals suitable for steam, water and oil applications.

Specifications of Swing Non Return Valve

Performance Specification
Nominal Pressure
PN16/ PN25/ PN40

Testing Pressure

Shell: 1.5 times rated pressure,
Seat: 1.1 times rated pressure.
Working Temperature
-29°C to 425°C 
Suitable Media
water, oil, gas and etc.

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 Swing non return valve

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